Technological Development

Technological Development Technology will continue to develop even though there are still a handful of people who lack insight “against” on the grounds that technological advances can seize the world of work where they are struggling now. Job loss due … Read More

Valorant Champions: LOUD beats Optic Gaming in Istanbul

ISTANBUL — In front of an audience of millions, the Brazilian esports team LOUD defeated North America’s OpTic Gaming in the capstone event of the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour on Sunday, marking the first victory for LOUD on the international

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EVGA Cuts Ties With NVIDIA, Will No Longer Make Graphics

Well this is a story that was a complete surprise and out of nowhere. According to Gamers Nexus and an official statement from EVGA themselves, they are cutting ties with NVIDIA and will not

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RIP Intel Pentium and Celeron starting 2023: ‘Intel

Man, today is a sad day… Intel is retiring the Celeron and Pentium CPU brands, where it’s calling it an adjustment to product names moving into 2023 and beyond.

Intel will drop the Celeron and Pentium names for 2023 laptop

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What is BeReal and why are TikTok, Instagram trying to copy

A two-year-old French photo-sharing app is earning the highest form of flattery from Big Tech’s social media titans: imitation.

BeReal, which prompts users once per day to snap and share a quick photo from wherever they happen to be, is

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Cybersickness Could Spell an Early Death for the Metaverse

Luis Eduardo Garrido couldn’t wait to test out his colleague’s newest creation. Garrido, a psychology and methodology researcher at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic, drove two hours between his university’s campuses to try a virtual

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EVGA announces the end of its GPU business

The announcement was made last night via videos posted by Gamernexus and JayztwoCents, both of whom were invited to EVGA to hear about the announcement. The information was kept secret until now… There will be no EVGA RTX 40 or

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Sony’s new Xperia gaming phone adds fresh dirt on the PS

Sony’s latest gaming smartphone has pretty much ensured the PlayStation Vita will stay dead.


10 years ago, Sony made both smartphones and gaming handhelds; the Xperia and the Vita line co-existed and served different

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