Posted on: March 15, 2022 Posted by: AKDSEO Comments: 0

Non-line of sight communication can be a real problem for UAV Swarms Command and Control without dedicated and reliable satellite links. In the middle of fighting within the over all battle space controlling the UAVs is essential. As war turns robotic and the defenses against these robotic warriors maybe limited and will most likely turn towards EA and communication disruption, satellite control may not always be available.

By using Balloons to launch single mission UAVs and UAV swarms, the lighter than air sphere can become a repeater communication point for the command and control after release. This allows for ease of use communication beyond line of sight. There maybe many other benefits to using UAV Balloon combinations for launching. For instance:

A.) Much fuel is required to attain altitude. This fuel is saved.

B.) UAV can provide a view before launched and then be released if a closer look is needed or continue to loiter.

C.) Since the UAV is attached to the balloon the power of the UAV can steer the balloon and keep it in place without release.

D.) UAV could be designed to re-unite with the balloon by flying a hook onto an arresting device.

E.) The Balloon can have additional sensors and cameras attached.

F.) The Balloon while unattached could have sensors allowing gas to escape for limited control to remain in the area needed until deflated and the UAV(s) return from their mission.

G.) The Balloon can verify in the case of single mission assignment if the objective has been achieved as planned.

These ideas are not new and there has been research in this area. Most of the experimentation for MAVs or UAVs has been from model aircraft technology and has not included research for military or battlespace operations. Here is an interesting project and good proof of concept. We propose to work with these folks and hire them on as consultants to continue this work.