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Kampanye di media sosial

It may be a hard fact to swallow but the truth is except US, the rest of the world has an ever increasing market for used computers for their greater reliability and low prices. Why is that so and what point US users are missing? We will look into this here.

Whenever one is in need of a computer here in USA the only option he has in mind is buying a new computer or the latest version which includes paying a lot of premium on it with out taking into account seriously whether it is suitable for their use or not. It is usually because of two reasons; 1) the trend that buying a computer means buying a new one only, and 2) the perceived notion that latest is the best. What? You find no problem with these trends? Let us look into them so that you realize what is wrong with them. Kampanye di media sosial
Both of these conceptions are induced into consumer’s thinking with the help of commercials and ads. These capitalist adverts have made us think that whenever you buy something buy new. And when you buy some thing buy its latest models when we should be buying what suits our needs, budget and manageability. Also there is no guarantee that when we buy new and the latest we will get what we need and find it useful. If you go few centuries back when marketing industry was not into this boost as it is now you will see people bought old things as eagerly as the old ones depending on the usability. Had this idea ‘buy new only’ been an old one than Aladdin of Arabian nights would not have bothered to rub that old oil lamp to use it again. So first of all get your mind free from commercial induced notions; ‘buy the new X model and live a smooth life…’, ‘get the latest X and live a trouble free life…’ because it simply does not happen. Open your eyes and search with their help a Computer that fulfills your needs as well as fit your budget. There is no need to keep up to date with the latest. Be wise and spend intelligently on the one that suits your usage not the new, latest, fastest or most talked about.

Another important fact to know for those still not convinced. Do you know that there are many people out there who prefer a used computer over the latest? Yes there are many who prefer a used computer for some of the features of used computers that do not accompany the new. Used computers are preferred for older versions of operating system and soft wares which give more space to access and store documents and media files. Older versions occupy less space and do not come heavy on the system. Used computers are also preferred for their easy operations as it is less complex to operate them because of which organizations providing computer training prefer them for teaching basics, parents opt for them so that their children find it easy to learn computer and grown ups who encountered computer at the age of 40s and 50s chose them because they find operating a used computer less complex. Victor Epand an expert consultant for computers, laptops and software writes in his article ‘why buy used computer’ “If compatibility (with newer versions of soft ware and operating systems) is found to be fine with then there is no problem with the Used computers”

Now come to basic problem, the American nature ‘not to buy a used thing. In most of the cases where a used computer is not of a very old version the only problem people find with a Used Computer is it was used earlier. My question is; do you really think that a new computer comes straight into your hands after getting assembled? No, it is not possible. Every computer is used and tested for its functionality before getting packed in the box as new!

Also used computers come with better offers and lower prices like those available at Electro Computer Warehouse so just think what else you can buy along with the computer this time or how much you can save. On a used computer you pay less, save premium and get yourself free from worries because a used computer is easily replaceable. So buy a new computer, grapple with it and change it when you learn what suits you more.

In today’s days of on going recession, used computers are the best solution for the budget conscious users. Just choose one from wide range available at Electro Computer Warehouse and see for yourself because those who ever bought a used computer hardly buy a new next time. So choose yourself…