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Flash Mobs Brought Down Evil Regime in China, Tomorrow they Will Be
the Biggest Innovation Against International Terrorists?

Power to the People, now and always. Flash Mobs are all the rage, yet they have not done much yet for the common good here in the United States. Some random acts of kindness but more or less so far used for social means, a few protests, but more or less only testing their capabilities.

As the natural evolutions of this new organizational method comes, we may find it has great potential. For instance helping in times of need, such is for the Hurricane Event. Perhaps a Flash Mob can alert everyone by way of Spam, not advertising Spam, but instant messaging spam to friends and also can be used by Police Authorities and First Responders? To help assist, by giving specific instructions. International Terrorist Attacks, or looking for a culprit or perpetrator of evil. Instant communications. Now with FCC Powels new WiFi and Internet Telephones and VoIP. And with the future Video Cell Phones, deleting of digital divide thanks to Gate’s and the current Bush Administrations goals and guidance for broadband access everywhere. All this is possible. Instant information across a region or across the land and soon world wide instant information.

I had been recently contemplating a mobile network of neighborhood watch groups using small businesses in conjunction with citizens and police to curb crime, but by adding in the advantages of numbers and instant information, instant messaging with the use of Broadband mobile access, WiFi, etc. we could be united completely. Here is the program I designed for neighborhood watch:

JFK once said in his “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” And after 9-11 the people all joined together to do just that, some volunteered 2000 hours to help the common good, some joined the military to take the war on terror to those who wish us ill, others formed local groups, but all wanted to do something about it. The people responded, but many were confused at what to do, they did not know who to look out for? Neighbors suspecting neighbors, people in fear pulled back and were worried about privacy. Those who were worried the most looked guilty, thus an insidious vicious circle of bizarre behavior was witnessed, very much unbecoming of Americans and the American psyche. People sat behind their TV sets and watched and the more they watched the more paranoid they became. They depleted vitamins in their bodies, worried, caused health issues and sat around void of exercise.

What can we do? How do we get back to the healthy psyche we need and the America we know? Well with these new technologies we can do anything, we do not need to fear. We can quickly mobilize and defeat any virus that hits our system of flow. If an International Terrorist attacks our water supplies, power supplies, transportations systems, we can quickly mobilize forcing the International Terrorists to pick different methods and stopping them in their tracks as they try, plan or attempt. By having instant messaging, the FBI can put out word to call to action and the instant messaging friends and family, MLM, SPAM can alert millions with in minutes. An International Terrorist in route to commit an act is history, no chance in getting away or completing his evil mission against the greatest nation in the 10,000 years of recorded history of mankind. You know its true. Do not even deny it, this is a great nation and we are privileged to be the great people from strong blood lines living within it’s borders, free and protected.

FEMA should use such phone calling tree hybrids to help for volunteers, same with Salvation Army. Flash Mobs can react faster and without the bureaucracy. This is why FEMA is successful, in essence they are above the government and can make real-time decisions, which helps them save lives and combat the forces of Mother Nature.

Flash Mobs hosters and planners should be kept in the loop of catastrophe and in case of the need. Participators will feel they are doing something worthy and this all fits in well to the Presidents call for 2000 hours. Many people cannot volunteer due to time constraints, but they may be enticed to participate in Flash Mobs, which help people once in a while and feel good about their service to the country. They can feel good that they are on this team, the team of good and the team that will win. The strength of each and every individual focused on the task at hand, the brain power their personal resources such as communication, transportation, knowledge or even in the event of a small business, a place for food, portable generators, lights water supplies, etc. You see?

Mobilization of an army, a benevolent militia. Power of the people. A force by the people and for the people with our government as the facilitator, with the trained professionals and equipment all set up in advance for the problems which challenge any species living on the surface of the planet. Small problems can be handled as normal, but when all hell breaks lose, we are called to action to defeat evil. These types of scenarios work well and the tests and the flash mob congregations have shown, it works, 1,000 people in ten to fifteen minutes to a specific location. Some believe as more people join maybe 10,000 – 20,000 people in the same time. Or perhaps just those with the skill needed for that task.

That is like a swarm of ants, beehive, yet still with freedom of individuality. The citizens of this country are dedicated and want to help, let’s accept the offer. They have asked what can WE do for OUR country? Well they can get a small device and stay informed. Join a network of a Flash Mob.

Flash Mobs are fast acting and we need to be prepared in this new era for fast acting organization and absolute immediate response to important situations. Flash Mobs can also be educated on their important roles, given CPR instruction after a fun event flash mob so that when a real important human need event appears, they are ready to fight terror, mother nature or other?

Rather than live in fear, we can live in the knowledge that we, together can do anything, that we are prepared and ready and we together will stand tall and defend our all we are and all we build. Flash Mobs and online wireless networked groups will be intertwined in that some will belong to many groups such is the social interaction innate characteristics of humankind. We should be using this new technology to compliment what it is to be a member of the human species.

By designing a system, which fits the needs of the people, we can get the maximum participation and unite on and off line. Let’s allow the technology to work for us and bring us back together as a team, let’s not let it separate us so we no longer talk with everyone else and withdraw into ourselves. If we are to unite the World, maybe we should unite our own, neighborhoods, regions and country first. We have so many advantages to this new technology and it is a tool. Flash Mobs are using the Technology to the full extreme, but new formats in flash mobs will in fact be forth coming, for instance this one I propose in the simplest of terms. There will be others who stumble across uses for this. We can build an Army of volunteers and helpers to assist first responders at the drop of a hat. We, the people can handle anything. Fear not the International Terrorists, they ought to be fearing us.

Flash Mobs Unite. We ought to be building the infrastructures and systems to handle these new technologies while keeping in mind the possibilities of Flash Mob scenarios for instant assistance in that time of need. Business and telecommunication industries can make these products with proper protocols to all work together on one giant network. Everyone wins; the government can do their jobs more efficiently call upon us if and when needed. The new industries that such developed technology will open will provide jobs and profits (meaning private sector funding in anticipation of shareholder equity increases and quarterly profits from the sales of devices and network IT and hardware infrastructures). And we can rest assured that we are not alone and that we are united and that we can and will defeat anything thrown our way.