Posted on: July 25, 2022 Posted by: AKDSEO Comments: 0

Your old laptop or desktop was once your main machine, but now because it has older components that can’t run the latest version of Windows well, it sits unused in a drawer. However, if you install Google’s new Chrome OS Flex operating system, you can turn that sluggish notebook into a useful Chromebook or make that dated desktop into a helpful Chromebox. These revitalized devices will be so good at the most important tasks – web browsing, streaming and editing content in the cloud – that you can avoid buying a new computer for your kids or even yourself. 

Google Chrome OS may not be the place for intensive computing tasks or popular game releases but it does provide us with a solid, and cheap platform for learning and working. We can even push the boundaries a little and stream games from Xbox Cloud or even Steam. We can even learn to code and build electronics projects using CircuitPython.