Posted on: September 15, 2022 Posted by: AKDSEO Comments: 0

Cheeky GoPro decided to unveil the GoPro 11 just before DJI does it for its new the Osmo Action 3. GoPro also decided to be aggressive on its pricing with a $399.99.

The new camera will come in 2 different version: GoPro Hero11 Black & GoPro Hero11 Black Mini. The Mini is not on sale yet, but the price has been announced at 299.98$.

The casing of the newer Hero11 is exactly the same as the Hero10, both screens are the same,

The features of the GoPro Hero11 Black:

  • The sensor is now 27MP compared to the previous 23.6MP and the introduction of 10bit color
  • An updated HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization with Horizon Lock. The GoPro10 had the 4.0 version and no Horizon lock, this means that even if you flip your GoPro doing a barrel roll, the footage will stay straight. An impressive feature.
  • “Hyperview” is the new “Superview”, using more pixels.
  • Long lasting Enduro Battery of up to 38% more recording time
  • 3 new Night Effects modes : Star Trails, Light Painting, Vehicule Light Trails

Altogether, not a huge upgrade, but this has been the case on these products for the past years, very gradual improvements, with no ground breaking features.

For the Mini version, which is going to be available on October 25th, the goal was to make a smaller camera that the GoPro lineup misses since the GoPro Hero Session from 2015, which is still used by many drone enthusiast. Therefor, GoPro had to deliver a product for the extreme sport and drone enthusiasts. The hardware specification will be the same as it’s big brother except for a few things:

The features of the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini:

  • No LCD screens
  • A built-in battery
  • 2x attachment points (bottom and back).
  • A small screen on the top
  • A very robust body, with a metal heatsink back.